Author Guidelines

Manuscript Submission 
What is the Template of Submission?
Use this template as a guide and prepare your manuscript according to instrcutions inside the document.
How to submit my manuscript?
OJS Online Submission System
Check the link below for more information about the OJS Online Submission System
Article Submission Charges 
There are no submission charges.
Article Processing Charges (APCs)
Iraqi Authors and Affiliations
The APC is 100,000 IQD Submitted after the acceptance letter to the journal office at the High Institute of Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Al Nahrain University.
International Authors and Affiliations
There are no APC charges for international authors


We strictly follow the guidance of publication ethics by COPE and therefore a plagiarized manuscript will be rejected.
The maximum percentage of the plagiarism report according to Turnitin is 20%, this does not mean including whole sentences as it is from other sources unless there is a necessity to cite particular sentences with proper formatting and quotations with source acknowledgment.


Data of the manuscript and submission format بيانات البحث و ملفات التقديم
We accept only word processing format ".doc", ".docx" format for initial submission and revised versions.
All data should be editable within the manuscript this includes charts and tables.
For in-text citations
1- if there are more than two authors of the article "First Author's Last Name, et al. [1]"
2- If there are two authors of the article "First Author's Last name, and Second Author's Last Name, [1]"
3- If there is one author of the article "Last Name, First Name initial. [1]"
For Reference list
The Vancouver citation style is required with appropriate link to the article online source.
Time expectancy from submission to publication 
For detailed stages
1-Checking plagiarism (2 Days)
2-Inviting Reviewers (7 Days)
3-Reviewers submit their report and the report sent to authors (2 Weeks)
4-Authors response (2-3 Weeks)
5-Acceptance Letter (1 Day)
6-Formatting Style, language revisions, references and hyperlinking with document, online, and with DOI with PDF and HTML versions (2 Weeks)
7-Published (1 Day)
Total number of days = 53 to 60 days
Preferred author information 
Short Biography
Email address