Assessment of Cortisol Hormonal Level and Relation With Age in Infertile Women With ICSI Outcome


  • Noor Mahmood The High Institute for Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Rana A. Al Saadi The High Institute for Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Essra M. Al-Esawee The High Institute for Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Farah A. Mohammed Medical Laboratory Techniques, Alrafidin Collage University ,Baghdad,Iraq



cortisol, bloodserum, Follicular Fluid, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)


        In human-assisted reproduction both partners need to be evaluated during counseling because causes of infertility are due to male factors and female factors. some body hormones play important role in fertile women and cortisol one of these hormones which is essential for normal ovulation, cortisol usually increases during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle, play a role in the early stages of follicular development by their interaction with aromatase activity and granulose cell functions. To investigate the correlation of cortisol hormonal level in serum and in follicular fluid that relationship with age in women under Intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcome. Its randomized prospective clinical trial study performance conducting in the Higher Institute for Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies / AlNahrain University, Baghdad-Iraq, during the period from November2021to June 2022. a total of Sixty-three Infertile Iraqi women, who planned to inter intrasytoplasmic sperm injection program. The blood sample and follicular fluid sample obtained from all infertile women inter intracytoplasmic sperm injection program to measure cortisol hormonal level at specific days of this study. There was increase in cortisol level in women aged between (30-40) years, So there was significant finding between cortisol level and this age group and there was increase in cortisol level in women aged < 30 years at the same day and no significant difference in cortisol level in women age more than 40. Significant differences in cortisol level appear in group of women age between (30-40) years, also the same result appears in group of women age more than > 40 years and no significant differences in cortisol level in women aged < 30. No significant differences in cortisol level in all age women group (30-40) years, <30 years ,and the women age > 40 years.


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